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Whether you are just starting your company or have a sophisticated and mature corporation, our office utilizes a team of specialists to enhance your net cash flow, reduce your taxes, and set your business up for future growth. If applicable, we will work with your accountant and other professionals to complement planning you may have already done to give you the greatest chance of achieving your business and financial goals.

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Corporate Savings

Many corporations leave cash in their corporation to fund future growth, but also as part of the business owner’s retirement plan. Lately, it seems that with every new government budget comes new changes to how corporate investments are taxed. If you have retained earnings in your corporation, we will help format your savings to ensure that long term growth is not hampered by penalizing taxes.

By using a combination of registered plans (such as Individual Pension Plan’s, RRSP’s, TFSA’s), non-registered accounts, and Life Insurance we can design a savings plan to fit any business owner’s retirement plan.

Group Savings Plans

Attracting and keeping talent is an important part of any company. Offering a group savings plan such as an RRSP or pension plan is a great way to help your employees save for the future, while also showing that you value them.

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Group Benefits

We provide Group Life, Disability, and Health Benefits. We will custom design the benefits package to suit your employees and cash flow. A group benefits package can be designed for 1 person businesses to large multi-employee organizations. They are a great way to attract and retain employees and premiums can be tax deductible.

Corporate Structure

Our office partners with specialists across the country to make sure that your organization is structured to maximize shareholder value and minimize taxes.

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Health Spending Accounts/Private Health Service Plans

Are you looking to get tax free capital out of your corporation? By using a Health Spending Account, you can do just that. An HSA (Private Health Services Plan) is a Canada Revenue Agency approved method to provide medical, dental and vision benefits in a tax efficient manner. They work great for single employee corporations and large corporations alike.

A corporation can write off 100% of the costs related to its HSA. All expenses reimbursed are tax-free to the employees. Medical, Dental and Vision are the standard categories offered to employees in an HSA.

  • Company Administrators and Employees have real time access to track activity
  • No cheques! myHSA works on EFTs
  • All claims can be submitted online by employees through their own personalized dashboard
  • Apps available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices
  • 2 day turn-around time for claim reimbursement
  • Live Chat technical support for employees, run in-house by myHSA’s team

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