Custom Solutions For Your Retirement

Enjoy your retirement instead of worrying about cash flow. We will customize your cash flow and help allocate your assets to the proper investment vehicles so you can have the retirement you've always dreamed of.

Retirement Income Planning

As part of your financial roadmap and cash flow plan, we will assist you in using your assets to fund your retirement lifestyle while minimizing taxes. Structuring your assets and income properly can ensure that it lasts through retirement.

A proper retirement plan takes advantage of all available tax credits to maximize the income you receive so that you can fund the retirement of your dreams.

We will integrate your work pensions, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement (if applicable), RRSP’s, TFSA’s, and all other types of savings accounts and tell you exactly how much and when to take income from each to fund your retirement dreams.

Leading up to retirement, we will assist you in picking the best option for your work pension. Sometimes it involves taking a direct pension from your defined benefit or defined contribution plan, other times it may be in your best interest to have us manage your pension assets through Locked-In Retirement Account’s (LIRA’s), Prescribed Retirement Income Funds, Locked-In Retirement Income Funds, or annuities.
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Estate Planning and Legacy Building

Have you considered whether your assets are structured properly and efficiently to maximize their value to your heirs? We can help you do so. With a comfortable retirement income and efficient estate plan, many people wonder what more can be done with their assets. Would you like to leave funds for children and grandchildren? Would you like to fund a charity in your name? With the proper planning, we can ensure that these gifts are maximized. Using life insurance and making sure your wills are updated are all things we will review with you.

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